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"I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Sarah McClendon over the last several years creating various new medical office buildings, Albertson College of Idaho Student Housing, College of Southern Idaho Fine Arts Center and getting her support on various other projects. She has been a pleasure to work with and has been extremely conscientious in her approach to any project. She always...gets things done on time. I highly recommend her for your project..."

Steven Turney, Principal, ZGA Architects and Planners (208) 345-8872
"My project manager, Jackie Phelps, and I would like to take this opportunity to share our experience of working with [Sarah McClendon] on the Saint Marks Catholic Church Project. Sarah McClendon.... played a key role in the success of this very elaborate design. As a General Contractor we have built from a number of different structural engineering firm's designs and have found those of [Sarah McClendon's] to be very constructible. Being primarily a negotiating contractor, we work on a number of design and construction teams and have always found [Sarah McClendon] to be a team player, cost conscience, take pride in the quality of the finished plans and coordination with the various other disciplines in the building....."

Brian D. Hetmer, Superintendent, CM Company, Inc. (208) 384-0800
"I have worked with Ms. McClendon on various historic projects in the past five years in which she conducted structural investigation, building analysis, and/or prepared construction documents.... Ms. McClendon has accompanied me at meetings with government agencies to provide structural credence to the project. Her abilities as a structural engineer and her professionalism are impressive and are always a welcome asset to the historic projects in our office. I have always enjoyed having Sarah on my consultant team."

Donna Hartmans, Principal and Architectural Historian, Arrow Rock Architects (208) 344-3722

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